Natasha Boomer sits down with Theatromania to talk Supperfesta

Theatromania’s Lauren Gillett sits down with Natasha Boomer (writer, actor, producer, all around awesome person) to talk about the remount of Supperfesta.

That’s right – remount! Supperfesta premiered at the Toronto Fringe Festival in the summer of 2013. But with a new cast, a tweaked script, and a new and amazing director, the Supperfesta remount is sure to please!

But you can read all about that on Theatromania’s website (along with some other killer articles). Happy reading.


Have you heard?

Have you heard what critics are saying about Supperfesta? 

Good things. They’re saying good things.


“It felt like Robert Gill Theatre was shaking with laughter” Mooney on Theatre

“Supperfesta is one heck of a laugh-fest that many can relate to.” Charpo Canada

Supperfesta is almost here!

There are only 13 days until Supperfesta opens at Unit 102 Theatre! How excited are you? Because we are very excited.




Rehearsals are underway and the Yurt is almost complete. The Yurt! Where else in Toronto will you find such an amazing creation? Nowhere, that’s where.

So come and see Supperfesta! We guarantee you’ll laugh so hard it’ll Yurt.

Tickets are available online or at the door (cash only).

Betty and Dean’s Collaborative Dinner Party Guide

1. The Yurt is there. In our backyard. Dean loves it. Betty has made peace with it. Mostly.

2. This household is vegetarian.

3. There will be no secrets. Except the ones Betty wants to keep.

4. Pants will be worn once the dinner party starts. Up to and including the moment when the doorbell rings, pants will be optional.

5. Everyone is calm. This was never a question. Everyone is always calm.

6. Betty worked really hard on this dinner party, and it will be successful. If history has taught us anything, it’s that Betty’s dinner parties always end…

7. Rose will definitely be late. Even though Betty asked her to be on time. Rose is always late.




Dean’s Modified Modified Guide to a Supperfesta

1. I love Betty. I have loved Betty since forever-ago. But I will call this a Supperfesta.

2. Humans need meat to survive. Also, it tastes really good. Meat tastes much better than vegetables.

3. Why are we even debating how amazing the Yurt is? The Yurt is awesome. No further discussion required.

4. And yes, babe, Betty, you are always calm. Calm as a cucumber… or a steak.

Betty’s Modified Guide to a Successful Dinner Party

1. Stop Dean from calling this a Supperfesta. That is not a thing! And it will never be.

2. Yurts belong in Mongolia, or wherever they come from. They do not belong in my backyard.

3. I am always calm! DON’T I LOOK CALM?

4. The rest of the guide can remain the same. The rest of the DINNER PARTY guide.